A Public Adjuster is hired by an insured to assist in the preparation and negotiation of their insurance claim.  Our principals and staff work closely with clients to ensure a highly detailed claim presentation.



Comprehensive site work and assessment of damages, combined with the use of some of the most accurate adjusting software in the industry, allows Lynn & Lynn Public Insurance Adjusters to recover more favorable settlements for insureds.

Additional services include:

·         Provide and suggest onsite emergency services to prevent further damage (i.e. secure the building, separate the damaged from undamaged property, assist in obtaining temporary housing)

·         Make recommendations to protect the fire scene and help preserve any potential subrogation

·         Review insurance policies to determine coverage, limits of liability and applicable endorsements

·         Take measurements, diagram floor plans and establish replacement cost values

·         Photograph, appraise and inventory all building and personal property damage

·         Organize and document Loss of Use and Business Interruption claims

·         Present and negotiate scope of damages with insurance company representatives

·         Obtain fire reports, municipal lien certificates and assessor field cards as applicable

·         Review and discuss all claims with policyholder prior to settlement

·         File Sworn Statements in Proof of Loss in accordance with statutory and policy provisions