Suffering a loss to your home, investment property or business can cause emotional hardships and financial burdens.  Lynn & Lynn Public Insurance Adjusters, Inc. is confident that our expertise and knowledge of insurance policies and construction costs will help facilitate the process of maximizing your insurance settlement in as short a time as possible.  Our goal is to assist you in restoring your property and your life to the way it was prior to the loss.  Our experience with claims procedures and insurance company personnel will make the entire claim process more tolerable for you, the policyholder.  So put a professional on your side.

A Public Adjuster is licensed by the Commonwealth after passing a strict examination administered by the Division of Insurance. The exam requires a comprehensive knowledge of insurance policies, first party claims procedures and construction costs.

Insurance companies hire staff or Independent Adjusters to handle matters on their behalf. Obviously, it is difficult for a representative of the insurance company to be at all times impartial and objective. A Public Adjuster represents the interests of the policyholder. In other words, we work for you!

Our fee for services rendered is contingent upon a small percentage of the eventual settlement recovered.